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Bouncy Castle

Lots of fun for the little ones.  Returns again this year on the east side of the field.

Haggis Hunting

ATTENTION: All Haggis Hunting Experts… visit the Haggis Hunting Headquarters at the Heavy Events tent for information and registration.  Have your Haggis Hunting page from the program stamped with 8 sightings and you become an “Official  Haggis Hunter”.

What every Haggis Hunter should know!

Most people that have heard of Scotland have heard of Haggis. Some might know of the hearty dish eaten at Burns Suppers, some might have heard stories of how a Haggis is made, but little is known of the mythical creatures.

Rarely seen and often misunderstood, Haggis have roamed the Scottish Highlands for centuries. They are quick and small and very skittish. Few humans ever get a chance to spot a Haggis  (though sheep are very friendly with the tiny babies.)

For the years the Haggis have been spotted in and around Coquitlam.  Whether they swam across the Atlantic then trekked across Canada or just hid in someone’s suitcase, they are here!!  The species we see in Coquitlam are now known as the rare “North American Haggii”. They are a little bigger than their Scottish cousins but still as quick.

Haggis are smart and know where to hide. They are often found in and around tents where they can find food and tend to migrate towards anything tartan. The female Haggis like to watch games and enjoy being around the Heavy Event areas.  But be careful because they might chew on the end of a caber! Boy Haggis are usually spotted at golf courses and when they are small sleep on the edge of the sand traps. All Haggis can be found where you hear bagpipes playing!

Haggis are unpredictable and you never know where you might spot them.  So today at the BC Highland Games keep your eyes wide open… the Haggis are everywhere!!


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