Hold on to your seats for one of the most anticipated events of every highland games. Feel the thrill as the massed pipes and drums enter Percy Perry Stadium and march directly towards your seats in the grand stands. It's a sound like no other.  On June 16, 2018, hundreds of pipers and drummers will be led onto the field by their drum majors to receive their piping awards from their competitions and to send you home with the roar of the great highland pipes in your head. Recognizable popular  Scottish tunes such as Amazing Grace, Scotland the Brave, The Green Hills of Tyrol (The Scottish Soldier) are performed. In addition, in a special salute to the Chieftain of the Day, the Massed Bands play the tune Highland Laddie.

During the final Massed Bands performance, the results of the pipe band competitions are announced.

Following the anthems, the massed bands play one last time to close the official part of the BC Highland Games. Follow the bands into the beer garden for post-games entertainment, piping and refreshments. 


Boney Music Invitational. 

The Boney Music Invitational is an annual event hosted and organized by Andrew Bonar – a BC Pipers’ Association Life Member and four-time BCPA Open Piping Grand Aggregate winner. Invitations to the competition are given to the top five finishers in the previous year’s BC Pipers’ Association grand aggregate standings as well as the winner from the previous year’s Boney Music Invitational. The contest requires performers to play a 20-minute recital that must include the ground of a piobaireachd, 2 two-parted strathspeys, a four-parted 4/4 march, a tune in 9/8 time, and one tune composed by Andrew Bonar or a tune from Boney Music Book 1.

All proceeds from the event are donated to the BC Cancer Foundation. To make a donation, please visit https://bcp3a.wildapricot.org/page-1157926 and enter “Boney Music Invitational” in the comments field.