Quidditch is back in 2017 after a Games-first last year, despite the poor weather.  A demonstration match with members of the a number of university and civic teams is planned for center field.  And no, they don’t fly like they do in the Harry Potter films, but they do play with brooms and an intensity that is surprising.

Catch the action on the in-field June 17 following the opening/welcoming ceremony.  Help support the local teams by catching the demonstration match or purchasing some of their merchandise.

So what exactly is Quidditch?

Quidditch is a full-contact sport based on the game from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and is played by hundreds of teams all over the world.

Real-life quidditch was created on a sunny Sunday afternoon in 2005 by Xander Manshel and Alex Benepe, students at Middlebury College in Vermont, US. Since 2005, quidditch has spread rapidly and is now played on every continent except Antarctica. The International Quidditch Association is responsible for the governance and sustainability of the sport of quidditch and support of the sport's development throughout the world.

The first quidditch club in Canada was formed in September of 2008 at McGill University. Less than two years later in 2010, Carleton University, University of British Columbia, and University of Calgary all formed teams. Quidditch Canada was created July 1st 2014 to lead, promote and advance the sport of quidditch in Canada. The second Global Games took place in 2014 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Muggle Quidditch Primer

Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Canada


There is proof!! Those Broomsticks Really Do Fly!

Photos courtesy of Vancouver Vipertooths

What You Need to Know About Muggle Quidditch

Muggle Quidditch Primer

Photo Courtesy of Quidditch Canada

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