Vancouver Ladies Pipe Band Reunion

Proudly Wearing the McNab Tartan

At the 2017 BC Highland Games, former members of the band will celebrate the 90th anniversary with a reunion at the BC Highland Games on Saturday, June 17, including a special ceremony during the opening of the Games. To participate or more information, contact Theresa McErleant at 


(From: BC Archives

Founded in 1922, the Ladies’ Pipe Band began life as a non-competition band. It remained so until the 1950s, when Malcolm Nicholson was invited to become director. Under his leadership the Band toured North America and won numerous prizes. In 1964 they traveled to Scotland to play at the Edinburgh Tattoo. This marked the first performance of a ladies’ band at the event. While in Scotland, they placed fourth out of 31 bands at Cowal and took the honour of becoming the highest placing ladies’ band to date. The Band returned to Scotland several more times in 1969, 1980, and 1990 and placed first in the 1980 Worlds championship. Once again, they became the first ladies’ band to do so.



Vancouver Ladies Pipe Band, Apr. 1986. Photo: City of Van. Archives.

The band also cut its own album in 1965 and played for the Prince and Princess of Wales at Vancouver’s Expo 86.