Blood and Iron Martial Arts Demo
Blood and Iron Martial Arts primary focus is producing quality fighters trained in Historical European Martial Arts ( HEMA).  Students use a longsword, rapier, dussack, or singlestick and are introduced to new weapons as they progress. Regular classes include instruction as well as coached sparring with internationally recognized HEMA practitioners.

Newcomers of all fitness and experience levels are welcome to come by our booth in the Vendor’s Village and sign up for a free intro lesson at our Burnaby location or, find us after one of our demonstrations on the field for a free mini-lesson.

Quidditch Demonstration Match

It’s back for a second year at the BC Highland Games: a Quidditch demonstration match with members of UBC, SFU, and other community Quidditch  teams. See how the Muggle version of the sport inspired by the Harry Potter books is played. Muggle Quidditch was created in 2005 and today is played in 25 countries by over 2,500,000 players.

Visit the Quidditch booth to meet the players, talk about the sport, and learn how you can support the teams.  READ MORE

“Kidditch” Demonstration Match

Kidditch is a modified version of quidditch made for younger (school age) players where there is limited physical contact and minor changes in the rules. These changes include no tackling, modified hoops, and a little lee-way on calls made by referees. Various quidditch teams across Canada have outreach programs at local primary and secondary school where kidditch is played as an after-school program.

(Todays Kidditch match is organized by members of the Vancouver Vipertooths quidditch team.)