Scottish Clan Societies

We welcome all Scottish clan organizations and societies to the 2018 BC Highland Games.

The Scottish clans were an integral part of Highland Scottish society going back 100's of years. Communities and regions of Scotland and parts of Nova Scotia with heavy highland Scottish immigration were defined by the men and women of particular Scottish clans, supporting each other or joining together to fight for worthy causes, when not fighting among themselves, of course. Today the clan system has declined in Scotland, but our Clans still proudly survive globally. Societies and organizations around the world continue to celebrate and recognize ancient Scottish bonds. We invite representatives of these Clans to our Games each year, to proudly display their ancestry and to keep the spirit of the Clans alive.

 A free 10 x 10 booth space is offered to each Clan society with advance registration. 

For registration, tent, table and chair rentals, click HERE.