See Flash in Action

Flash is a full-time working Border Collie from a sheep farm in Maple Ridge.  He loves doing demonstrations at fairs around the Fraser Valley. Along with his farm work, Flash also works as a therapy dog with St John Ambulance at Ridge Meadows Hospital, and as a reading assistant dog at St Patrick’s School in Maple Ridge.

Flash is here today with his owner Bill McCallion who will explain  the origins of the Border Collie and what is expected of them on the hills and on the farm. Then Bill and Flash will demonstrate the commands and moves used by the dog at work as they move ducks and sheep through a small course.  "Using ducks slows the herding process right down so spectators can see the small movements."

We are limited in what we can do as the space is small, but in one way it works well as the spectators are close to the dog and the sheep. The demonstration is a short one, due to the fact you cannot run the ducks and sheep too long, or they will get stressed.


Demonstration Times

There will be 3 demonstrations today at the Highland Games: 11:00, 1:00, & 2:30.

Come on over and show your support for Flash.