Interested in learning about great whiskies? The difference between a malt and a blend, a 10 or 14-year old whisky? Or the difference between a Scottish whisky and an Irish whiskey. At the 2017 Games, we will be offering four unique and separate whisky sessions for the beginner to the connoisseur, hosted by whisky experts and surrounded by the sights & sounds of a Scottish Highland games. 

Whisky School Director Bill Diamond has a wonderful whisky experience planned with a limited number of seats at four sessions. As in 2016, school will be in session all afternoon, but get your tickets early. Tickets available now. Click HERE.

  1. Whisky of Scotland ($25)
  2. Whiskey of Ireland ($25)
  3.  Whisky of the Commonwealth ($25)
  4. Premium Whisky ($40)

***Seating is limited to 30 per session. First come, first served. 

Connect on Twitter (@BCHighlandGames) or Facebook for updates.   (Guests must be 19 years or older)

2018 Whisky School, Sat. June 16. Percy Perry Stadium, Coquitlam


Tickets & packages for the 2018 BC Highland Games Whisky School will be available soon. Please check back here for more details.  

Until then, please have a look at our sold out 2017 Whisky School classes.


12:30pm          Class #1: WHISKY OF SCOTLAND     $25

When people talk about scotch or whisky, it’s usually about "water of life" from its birthplace; Scotland. With dozens of distilleries scattered throughout the countryside, this tasting will be about expressions. We will be trying 12-year old Tomatin from the heart of the Scottish highlands, but each will have a different finish.  There is the old saying that the early bird gets the worm, so for this tasting we will have six different samples:

  • Tomatin Highland Single Malt 12-Year
  • Tomatin Highland Single Malt 12-Year French Oak
  • Tomatin Cuatro Series: Fino
  • Tomatin Custro Series: Manzanilla
  • Tomatin Custro Series: Oloroso
  • Tomatin Cuatro Series: Pedro Ximenez

1:30pm          Class #2: WHISKEY OF IRELAND     $25

Irish whiskey (with an “e”) was once the most popular spirit in the world.  Its fortunes sank in the late 19th century, but have been on a steady rebound since the 1990’s. When we think of Ireland, it is ‘pot stills’ and ‘triple distilled’.  At this tasting you will have a chance to compare and see if you have a favourite.  The whiskey will be:

  • Bushmills – 10 yr old Single Malt
  • Jameson - Crested
  • Midleton Green Spot
  • Red Breast – 15 yr old Single Pot Still
  • Teeling – Small Batch

2:30pm       Class #3: WHISKY OF THE COMMONWEALTH     $25

We looked at offering “Whisky of the World”, but thought that since we are at a Scottish event in Canada, we should look to what our Commonwealth countries have to offer.  Whisky class #3 will give you the opportunity to try whisky from Australia, India, Wales and Canada.  The unique Canadian offering will be a 10 and 14-year old from the same Glenora distillery in the highlands of Cape Breton.  Will 4 years make that much of a difference in the taste?

  • Famous Grouse Smoky Black
  • Amrut Fushion Single Malt
  • Penderyn Celt
  • Penderyn Single Malt Madiera Finish
  • Glen Breton Rare 10-year old
  • Glen Breton Rare 14-year old

3:30pm          Class #4: PREMIUM WHISKY     $40

The last tasting of the day may be the most controversial.  Why is that?  Well, what may be premium to one person may not be premium to another.  Is the premium placed on the price, the taste, both or other criteria?  Come and be the judge. At this tasting we will be sampling:

  • Lagavulin – 12 year old natural cask strength
  • Jura - Tastival 2016
  • Glenfarclas – 17 year old
  • Benriach – 2005 Cask #7352 Virgin Oak Finish
  • Laphroaig - Lore

*Note: Whiskies subject to change, based on availability.