Scottish Cultural Arts


The Scottish community in Metro Vancouver has some of the most talented performers and teachers in the world, including many world champion pipers, drummers, pipe bands, and highland dancers.

There are tremendous benefits to engagement and involvement in Scottish cultural activities by people of all ages, such as:

  • working in groups of similar or diverse ages to learn and perform music, dance, language, or song
  • contributing to the advancement of cultural communitiesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    and preserving history and heritage

  • traveling and experiencing the richness of Scottish culture in other parts of the world
  • working toward goals and developing leadership skills
  • making life-long friends


Become Involved!

If you or your children would like to become involved in these activities, there are various groups in the Metro Vancouver area that teach and perform Scottish cultural arts:

Bagpipes and Scottish drumming

Highland Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing

Gaelic Language and Song

Finally, there are several Metro Vancouver associations dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the elements of Scottish culture.
Connect with these associations through the Scottish Cultural Centre